Sunday Challenge

Monday is heading straight for us, ya’ll. 

By the time I get in bed on Sunday night, I tend to have a fairly calm feeling of “oh boy… here we go again”. Probably a much too negative attitude about the upcoming week, but I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one.

I usually run through the list of my weekend To-Do’s, feeling proud of what I accomplished and planning when I will finish what I didn’t get around to. (My vacuum is waiting just outside my bedroom door quite patiently, and my dryer just buzzed at me – quite impatiently.)

Half of my apartment got vacuumed; half my laundry got washed and folded. But, my meals are prepped. I made it to the gym today, though I really didn’t feel like going. The kitchen got cleaned. I had dinner with a sweet friend last night, although declined dinner with two other sweet friends tonight in the name of “adulting” (a term I hate, by the way).

The To-Do list lives on to face the work week – but I’m ok with that. I feel rested, and accomplished for what I did do. Not a bad way to start a fresh week in my opinion.

Tonight as I climbed into bed (yes, with my tea for my friends reading this), listened to the rain, and scrolled through Pinterest, I saw this:

bad day

Even after scrolling past it, I kept thinking about it. Specifically, how hard it is to do. Specifically, how important it is to do.

One of the conversations I had with that sweet friend at dinner last night was about how hard it is – but how important it is – to be able to humble yourself for a bigger purpose. Fights with your significant other, disagreements with boss, fussing children. It takes a whole bunch of self control to step back and stay calm, instead of lashing out when you’ve already had a bad day. Or even worse, when you know you’re right. Being able to do so, she and I agreed, makes that situation better 100% of the time.

This week at work we’ll start one of our biggest events of the year. It’s some of the most challenging and rewarding times – some of the highest highs, and almost always some very low lows.

With Monday heading straight for us, with that conversation still ringing in my head, with this inspirational quote staring at me from my computer screen, I decided to make it my challenge for the week.

I challenge myself to treat the world better than it will treat me. 

There are sure to be some challenging days ahead. BUT there are sure to be some amazing days ahead, as well.

By challenging myself to this, I’m agreeing to be bigger than whatever is making my day really bad.

I’m also agreeing to create an environment better than whatever is making my day amazing.

Honestly, I don’t know what is going to be more challenging! …Honestly, I actually find that pretty exciting.

Whenever it is that you’re reading this – I want to challenge you to create a challenge for yourself. It can be as big or as small as you want it to be.

Maybe it’s completing the WOW from last Wednesday. Or finally getting around to doing meal prep. Perhaps it’s taking the dog for a little bit of a longer walk than normal.

Challenge yourself to actually finish your to-do list.

Maybe your challenge is taking something OFF that list.

Complete that school assignment ahead of schedule.

Don’t have dessert with dinner. OR! Let yourself have dessert with dinner!

Maybe it’s the same as me – treat the world better.


Just find something. Something that is going to test you, that’s going to push you. Be intentional about it. But for the next seven days, focus on it.

Allow yourself room to fall short, but allow yourself the grace to keep going. 


Let me know what your challenge is for this week! And let me know how it’s going! Whatever it is, you have at least one person in your corner cheering you on.


Chase Your Stars

How many of you have ever felt stuck?

I don’t mean you ARE stuck – I mean you FEEL stuck. The world is at your fingertips, but for some reason you decide you just can’t go anywhere. Not yet. Not now. Not with life the way it is.

Guess what.


You get to chase your stars!

I live a charmed life. I have an incredible family. I have an amazing boyfriend. I have a job most people dream of. And, I have the coolest dog in the world.

But lately I’ve felt so stuck. I either have dreams I want to chase, but it doesn’t feel like the right time. Or – I can’t figure out what the next dreams are. Nothing is holding me back; I just feel like there’s nowhere to move.

I’m not a writer. I took the required classes, and did well enough; I just recently graduated from My Dad’s School of Writing and Public Speaking! But throughout life’s tumultuous ups and downs, journaling has been my best release. Writing the thoughts running through my mind onto a piece of paper can quiet my mind and make me feel at ease.

So, instead of letting myself feel stuck –  I’m making a move I’m chasing a star. Maybe it won’t take me anywhere; maybe it will. It’s a step out of my comfort zone, that much is certain. A blog. A public journal, if you will – for all the world to read. And maybe, just maybe it can help someone else feel a little less stuck.

So come on, fools. Let’s chase some stars.

atticus 5

(Thanks, Atticus.)

I love to cook, but it’s not a food blog. I love to workout, but it’s not an exercise blog. I love to craft, but it’s not a DIY blog. I love God, but it’s not a religion blog. I love my family, but it’s not a family blog.

It’s a little bit about a lot! It’s…

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